Thursday, October 30, 2008


" Oh my god, we should have this everyday"
" Look at them (customers) they have sooo much fun"
These were common staff quotes heard at the Oktoberfest Celebration.
Most of the Team was working double shifts, but still had the groove going!
Teague and Natalie were even dancing during their nonstop cooking marathon
in the 6 foot by 8 foot Mighty Midget Kitchen.

Everybody was exhausted, but agreed that this was a special time
we all would not have wanted to miss:

The chemistry between customers and staff was phenomenal - we laughed, danced, sang and "schunkelten" together. The Chicken Dance (Ententanz) was very popular as well as joling " Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi.

The special atmosphere was underlined by our fantastic Fest Tent,
the blue and white decorations, lots of Steins (Bierkruege) and the performance
of the Alte Kameraden Band on Sunday.

Please look at the selection of pictures and movie clips to dip into moments of absolute fun :-)

Thanks to all of you who were able to be there with us, who gave us hugs and thanked us for this Oktoberfest - YOU were part of it YOU helped to make it such remembrance!

Ein Prosit auf die Gemuetlichkeit!

P.S.: Steins, refills and Oktoberfest platters are still available
All Pictures available on our mySpace page

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Let's Close Ranks

Dear Hamburg Doener Friends,

Welcome to our new community get-together in the virtual world.
We all can stay in the loop beyond time and place.
Whether you live in Leesburg, Richmond, Delaware, Finland,
Germany or Honkong - you are close by now :-)

The 'Happening Place' is still the restaurant of course
and we are all missing something when we are not there....

"At this moment (8.30pm)
Hamburg Doener @ The Mighty Midget Kitchen in Leesburg rocks.
I (Nicole) just talked to Timo and he said we are having
one of the best Sundays ever!!
Doener is sold out already. Everyone is laid-back as usual (on a Sunday)
and orders Schnitzel, Bratwurst or just tries another Bier from the selection.
Our biergarten furniture helps to connect people
- the atmosphere is communicative, relaxed."

We should be able to view this here!
What would you think if we integrate a web cam?
Well, one step at a time, right!?
First we get used to this new form of communication together
and then we will get even more creative...

Make it Original!

Your Hamburg Doener Team