Sunday, October 12, 2008

Let's Close Ranks

Dear Hamburg Doener Friends,

Welcome to our new community get-together in the virtual world.
We all can stay in the loop beyond time and place.
Whether you live in Leesburg, Richmond, Delaware, Finland,
Germany or Honkong - you are close by now :-)

The 'Happening Place' is still the restaurant of course
and we are all missing something when we are not there....

"At this moment (8.30pm)
Hamburg Doener @ The Mighty Midget Kitchen in Leesburg rocks.
I (Nicole) just talked to Timo and he said we are having
one of the best Sundays ever!!
Doener is sold out already. Everyone is laid-back as usual (on a Sunday)
and orders Schnitzel, Bratwurst or just tries another Bier from the selection.
Our biergarten furniture helps to connect people
- the atmosphere is communicative, relaxed."

We should be able to view this here!
What would you think if we integrate a web cam?
Well, one step at a time, right!?
First we get used to this new form of communication together
and then we will get even more creative...

Make it Original!

Your Hamburg Doener Team

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