Sunday, September 27, 2009

German Army Beerfest 2009!

Last night I went to the German Army’s annual Oktoberfest with the Döner Team. I had no idea what to expect having never been before, but apparently their Beerfest is a big event in the German community. The way it was explained to me is that in order to get tickets you have to be either a) a really big deal or b) know someone to get you on a list that will get you on another list that will get you tickets. Complicated right? After last night I can see why people covet these tickets; I have never seen so much beer and German food in one place before in my life.

We got there around the time the gates opened and there was already a line forming to get in. We found our friends, got in line and soon I was following Timo and Nicole inside where they knew the perfect place to sit. Everything was all taking place in an airplane hangar at Dulles Airport and it was soon apparent why; 2,000 people don’t easily fit into spaces smaller than airplane hangars. The German Army did a very creative job with the decorations. All the walls were draped in camouflage and there were gigantic parachutes hanging from the ceiling accented with Christmas lights and balloons.

There were two bands entertaining the beer drinking, lederhosen and dirndl wearing masses of Germans and Americans. On the left of the stage was Alte Kameraden (Old Comrades), the very same band that will be playing for our Oktoberfest next month and on the right was the German Army’s band. They flew in from Germany just for the event and another performance in DC, sightseeing all along the way. Both bands were fantastic, it was a perfect mix of traditional German oomph and tunes everyone could sing along to like Country Roads (my personal favorite).

Between all the singing, dancing and drinking, a wonderful time was had by all. Germans know how to throw a party, that’s for sure! :-) I meet all sorts of cool new people, danced with a member of the band and enjoyed myself immensely. I saw and lots of our awesome Döner customers in attendance which got me excited for our own Oktoberfest. More details about Döner Bistro’s Oktoberfest on their way!

We got there as the gates were opening and were some of the last groups to leave around midnight. I can only imagine; if this Oktoberfest was so amazing, think of how much fun our Oktoberfest will be with all our friends and neighbors! This is the start of Oktoberfest season for me, I’m going to Lovettsville’s this weekend, and I have a very good feeling that October 15th through 18th in Leesburg will be the best one yet. I hope to see you all there with steins in hand and a big appetite :-)



Thursday, September 3, 2009

I wish every Thursday was this exciting: Elliot in the Morning

The ballots are tallied and because of you Döner Fans, Döner Bistro finished #4 in the competition! But don’t start celebrating; it's not over yet. All through September the top restaurants will continue to be critiqued and under cover judges will be visiting to get a better idea of what they are all about. Stay tuned in October when the winner is announced. Thank you again for your votes and support, it means a lot to see how many people took the time to vote Döner!

As some of you heard, last Thursday we were on Elliot in the Morning. That was an exciting day; here are more details of our trip.


The day started like any other, only earlier. I met Timo and Nils at the Döner promptly at 6:15 am; Leesburg was still asleep. They had Elliot in the Morning playing in the restaurant and I still could not believe I was actually going to the place it was broadcasting, how exciting! I milled around aimlessly doing as I was told while the guys got the food ready. They had been there a whole hour before I showed up so I didn’t dare complain about being tired. That’s what I call commitment.

Soon it was time to go and away we went! The drive to Rockville seemed extremely short, but then again I was in a tired daze the whole way there. Before I knew it we were waiting in the lobby of the DC 101 building waiting for Kyle to come and get us. In no time he arrived and up we went to the top of the building and into the studio.

Timo and Nils are old pros at this having brought food to Elliot five other times in the past. We were put in a room neighboring the room Elliot was broadcasting from and were able to watch them do the show through a huge window. Comedian Mitch Fatel was the guest and we listened to him and Elliot talk. They chatted about the upcoming Kiss concert while Timo and Nils got the food ready and I ran around taking pictures. Once all the Döners were put together and the Currywurst was ready we brought in the food to hungry radio hosts and then sat back and relaxed until Elliot called Timo in to chat.

See Timo on Elliot in the Morning on youtube HERE

See the rest of my pictures are on facebook HERE


Back at the Döner it was just about opening time. It was cool listening to people tell me about how they heard about us on Elliot in the Morning and just had to come over to get a Döner. My shift flew by and soon it was time for me to leave for the day.

But my Thursday was far from over. That night I meet up with the whole gang and headed to Clarendon, VA to check it out as a possible location for the new restaurant.

It was a fun night spent with awesome people; the perfect way to top off a full day. The trip left me excited for the future of the restaurant and wishing I spoke German :-)

Clarendon, Virginia; future Döner Bistro location? Only time will tell; stay tuned in for more information about restaurant openings and cool events to come.

Thanks for reading,