Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Doener craving in Delaware

Last Sunday 4 guys from Delaware got in the car and 2.5 hours later showed up at the restaurant to enjoy our Doener. They all have been to Germany last year and had the Doener over there. They craved the Doener ever since. One of the guys Mother told them that she heard about us. They googled us down, made themselves some unique t-shirts "donerpilgrimage 2008" and came all the way to Leesburg. They had Doener for Lunch and came back for more at Dinner time. After all they took a few for the road and we hope they will be back for more...

What are 2.5 hours in the car, when you can have a delicious Doener from Hamburg Doener!

Thank you guys for coming all this way!


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Hamburg Doener said...

Thank you Drew, Kyle,Dan and Nick!

Let us know when you will be around next time and who knows mabe Chicken Doener will be available then, too :-)

Timo and Nicole