Saturday, July 24, 2010

Germany in the World Cup

World Cup fever is over, but the memories will last forever! We had quite a turn out for the games and a great time was had by all. I’ve never been a huge soccer fan myself however I could not help but get into the games when the restaurant was packed to the breaking point with face painted, Bitburger drinking fans urging the ball toward the goal with their spirited shouts.

The team USA fans had a good turnout, filling our Biergarten to the brim, but it was the Germans fans that really brought the house down watching our inside and outside TVs. Who knew so many Germany fans lived in and around little old Leesburg VA? Young and old came out to support the team, so many people that it made it quite a challenging feat to maneuver through the crowds, one that we, the staff, were more than happy to overcome. We had all hands on deck for the games and most of the time I could not understand a single word anyone was saying. It was like I was magically transported to Germany, and I did not even have to sit in the airplane seats to get there ;-)

Even people’s pets were getting into the action. I kid you not, I saw a dog with the German colors painted on his head; it was adorable. I saw all sorts of decorative accessories in the crowd, besides face painted dogs; Flags worn as skirts, leis in the German colors, an assortment of hats with soccer balls coming out of them, scarves despite the heat, medals and smiling faces.

Everyone had a great time. With every win came jubilant shouts and lots of chanting. I’m sure the entirety of Leesburg could hear the racket we were making, that is, until Germany lost. But don’t be sad soccer lovers, Germany still placed 3rd overall which is extremely respectable. You’ll get um’ next time :-)

The World Cup may be over, but summer is just beginning. The TV outside is staying put so come on by and enjoy any of our cold beers and enjoy the summer from our biergarten. We have plenty of treats to keep you cool and content this summer, so bring your friends!

Some other exciting news I’d me amiss to not mention; German Deli’s search for the best German Restaurant in America is on once more! Remember last summer how you all helped us win 4th place in the competition, well we need your help again this year to try for the number one spot. Voting is a little different this year, go to to sign up and vote for Döner Bistro. Remember, same deal as last year, if we win we’ll have a free food party for everyone! So get out there and vote Döner!

Well, that’s it for me. I am moving to England soon to pursue my Masters degree, so this is my last blog post. It has been a pleasure keeping you all informed about our events and specials. I have meet so many wonderful people this year who I am going to miss more than I can say; to say it’s been fun would be an understatement. So farewell Döner fans! Have an amazing summer and I’ll see you in a year!


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