Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DOENER BISTRO quick announcement

On the 28th of March 2009, Hamburg Doener celebrated it's first anniversary at the Mighty Midget Kitchen on 202- A Harrison Street, SE in Leesburg, VA. At the same time it was the first day open with our new name - DOENER BISTRO

We will add pics and videos of this historic event shortly!

Thanks to all who made the party even more than just a blast ;-)

The Doener Bistro Team


aaron said...

Hey, I can't believe nobody else has commented by now. I guess they're too busy hanging out at the Doener... Congrats on the year, the new name, and the fun things to come... How long till Maifest?

Nils on Wheels said...

Thank you Aaron! Next weekend, May 16th! Still a picture missing here...