Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best German Restaurant in America Contest

Greetings Döner fans. A lot has been going on since we last updated this blog. Firstly, here is some information from our latest news letter to get you all up to speed with the exciting things going on in Döner land.

Secondly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Maria and I will be keeping you up to date on Döner news and events in this blog as well as on facebook and myspace. I am a recent graduate of West Virginia University and I am extremely excited to be writing for the Döner Bistro. I’m a Dönerrista by day so come by sometime, get yourself some food and say hi!

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The question is this: Do you know of a really great German restaurant? The answer is YES, the Döner Bistro of course ;-) GermanDeli.com, a leading online German food store is putting on a competition to find the best German restaurant in America. Show us your support at: http://www.bestgermanrestaurant.com/details/629.html and VOTE!
Remember, you can vote once every 24 hours. If everyone reading this newsletter votes at least once we will have a fantastic chance of winning the title of Best German Restaurant in America!

To show our appreciations, the Döner Bistro will throw a party if we win. Free food for everyone! Now get out there and vote Döner!

For more information about German Deli: http://www.germandeli.com/
For more information about the contest: http://www.bestgermanrestaurant.com/

New Products:

Looking for dessert after finishing a delicious meal at the Döner Bistro? Well now we can indulge your sweet tooth with ice cream! Häagen-Dazs is one of the sweet treats we offer. Come out and try our new flavors because everyone knows there’s nothing better on a hot summer evening than a cold ice cream (and a beer)!

If you are joining us for a drink we have more good news. The Döner Bistro now has EKU 28 beer in stock. EKU 28 is brewed in Kulmbach, Germany, is an amber color and has a bit of a caramel taste to it. Come by and give it a try, but remember that we limit this beer to one per night per customer (11% ABV).

Join the Döner Team!

We are still looking for fun, hard working individuals to work the register as well as cook our delicious dishes. We welcome anyone willing to help us out but would love people who can stay with us after the summer months, through the fall and into the future. Working at the Döner Bistro will give you the opportunity to learn new skills, work with interesting, fun people and meet all our wonderful regulars in the Döner community. Come by today and pick up an application to become a part of the team.

Employee Corner

Our employees have had an extremely exciting month. Manager Nils Schnibbe and his wife Natalie welcomed Liam Nilsson Schnibbe into the world on June 24th. Liam is happy and healthy and so are his sleep deprived parents. Come on by the Döner and you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of little Liam and congratulate his parents.

In other news, Dönerrista Kelsey Threatte recently embarked on a year long research trip to the Middle East. Kelsey was selected for the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship out of college students from all over the country and will be learning how poetry empowers Arab women in their daily lives. We all wish Kelsey the best of luck in her year of self discovery and adventure and look forward to her triumphant return next summer.

Last but certainly not least we would like to congratulate Teague Nicholson for his recent graduation from Heritage High School. Continuing his educational journey, Teague has been accepted at Shenandoah University to major in music education with a focus in voice. Never fear 500 Miles fans, although Teague is going off to school he will still be working at the Döner. Everyone here at the Döner Bistro wishes Teague much success at Shenandoah and in everything he does. Congratulations!


Stay tuned for more information about our new website. Soon you will be able to peruse our menu online with mouthwatering pictures and descriptions…

Create a closer connection with everyone at the Döner by following us on Facebook and Myspace. Join the Döner Bistro Community on Facebook and share your favorite items on the menu, chat with like minded individuals and share pictures. We look forward to hearing from you.


Your Döner Team

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DeeRoo said...

Greetings Team Doener....Thanks for the newletter. Sounds like exciting things are happening in your part of town. I voted today and will try to remember to do it every day!