Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Since last I wrote...

Guess what?

Thanks to you Döner Bistro is currently the number 5 German restaurant in the country. Thank you so much for your votes! But, don’t stop now; the competition continues through September 1st. Keep voting Döner! Start each morning with a vote for Döner Bistro and help us bump up to the #1 spot. Remember, you can vote once every 24 hours and your votes not only bring us one step closer to winning but bring you closer to the free food celebration party :-)

VOTE at: http://www.bestgermanrestaurant.com/details/629.html


Celebration with Döner Bistro!

Last month Döner Bistro was fortunate to play host to a special moment in the life of James Martin; his bachelor party. He had sampled, as he calls it, the “delicious Hefeweizen” when visiting a few weeks prior with his then fiancée Tiffany, a good friend of mine. On July 25 myself and the rest of the wedding party gathered in Lincoln VA and despite rain clouds, James and Tiffany Martin were married, completing each other’s lives. The delighted duo are now living in Denmark where James goes to school for Music Performance. On behalf of everyone at the Döner Bistro I would like to thank James for partying with us and wish the couple a bright and happy future together.


Interesting fact:

Ever wonder why you see Döner spelled two different ways? I’m here to clear this up for you, because I for one was very confused before it was explained to me. It’s actually quite simple. Whenever you are writing Döner and the umlaut (ö) is unavailable, add an extra ‘e.’ This is why you see it spelled ‘Doener’ in the URL for the website, other places online and on our new Twitter page It’sDoenerTime.

Easy right? You learn something new every day!


Ever listen to DC 101 on your way to work? If so you should tune in Thursday, August 27th around 9am and hear us chatting on Elliot in the Morning. Timo, Nils and myself are getting up bright and early to venture off to Rockville MD to update Elliot on Döner Bistro news. Call us at 866-2-ELLIOT to talk to us!


Don’t forget to vote!



foobella said...

do you deliver? ;)

DeeRoo said...

Thanks for the update...will definately be listening Thursday morning...have fun!:)

Daily Fixer said...

My husband and I had lunch at your restaurant yesterday and want to tell the whole world about it. I posted a small review on my website, www.dailyfoodfix.blogspot.com. We will be back and will bring more people with us next time around.


Dear Daily Fixer,

Posted your blog on twitter...

See you soon :-)